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I recently finished one of my largest vase order EVER!  An interior decorator found my website and requested 15 industrial flower vases that could hold live flower arrangements for her client.  I was up for this challenge!!!

While I love making my metal flowers to fit my vases this was a nice challenge for me as I needed to make them the right height inside to hold glass inserts for live arrangements.  A little bit of ingenuity such as welding steel discs up higher inside or adding removable steel inserts for two of the tall slender vases gave me more ideas for future pieces that I make. 

As mentioned in my last blog post 'the end', the scrap yard has closed to the public.  They are still open for few more weeks as they continue to bring in all of their containers but the pickings are few and the coolest of the cool finds are rare now. It feels sad and kinda scary not knowing when or if I will ever happen upon some of the truly industrial pieces of junk that I used to get there and it was bittersweet to use up the 'best of my best' material to make these vases. 

I hope whomever got these for their office space loves them and even if they will probably never know or see anything about me and my work here, on some level they will get that this was the best of the best from me!

There is gratitude and still disbelief at times that I have been so blessed as to live two blocks away from a small, friendly scrap yard that for the last 10 years has enabled me to make and sell my work online.  I still have lots of metal 'hoarded' and it is even more precious to me than ever!

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