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Today's recommendation: "The Drawing Board3"

I wish I had known about this wonderful site before I started my own shopify shop last Fall, but better late than never.  Let it be known that I am writing about JayDee's site on my own volition because a few of my etsy friends/artists have commented that they think my (still new & evolving) shopify shop looks great and they had questions about the whole endeavor.  Since JayDee is a shopify partner, she has so much more to offer when it comes to shopify how to's, as well as the business & marketing aspects that I feel steering you to the drawing board3 is the best way to get started!  

Last Sept. I bit the bullet and signed up for a basic shopify plan. Prior to that I had been paying for shopify lite for well over a year which I never understood/used/bothered.  (that ought to clue you in on how monumental it is I've got this site up ... gee paula, can't figure out the easy shopify minimal lite thing?  well then, why don't you just aim for something 100'x more difficult and just make a website LOL)  Anyhow, it IS the most economical choice @ $9 a month, and while it doesn't allow for a stand alone website, that plan enables you to sell products from facebook (and a few other places I believe), therefore freeing you from higher website costs and a possibly steep learning curve that typically needs to be (tortuously in my case) climbed.

Anyhow.  Back to the drawingboard3.  Look at what she has to offer!

There is a blog...there is a fairly new forum as well which already looks very promising when it comes to helping you find solutions: be it creating a beautifully functioning shopify shop or a successful online website/business. Jaydee has a WEALTH of knowledge and experience which you can read about  here. She even runs her own successful standalone (shopify) website:  Third Shift Vintage.

I'm still busy visiting her site, reading articles, finding free apps that are INVALUABLE since I still refuse to pay a penny for an app until I start making enough sales to enable such a luxury.  It IS possible to have a decent  looking shop and I keep finding tips/tricks and gaining knowledge from her site that I've not found in all of my incessant googlings.  Look, I am starting to get this shopify thing...but it still  drives me nuts since I'm so clueless.  Having said that, compared to other platforms, I do highly recommend it (and yes I've tried at least 5 other web building sites and I fled after getting no real help or disliking how it functioned).  At least with shopify one is able to call gurus 24/7.  THAT is the saving grace in my mind because online shopify chats are great for something easy, shopify help and education links...all great but some of us need our hands held and to be safely dragged through it to 'get it'.  Had I known about JayDee's site prior to this, I have a feeling it would have saved me months of torture and perhaps by now I would have even gained a few 'sales from strangers' by now.  STILL WAITING FOR THAT LOL...still waiting for non solicited views...virgin views begotten from proper SEO etc. It will come....it HAS TO!

Okay, thank you JayDee for helping ME, by dint of sharing your wealth of information and inspiration on the drawing board3!  And you dear readers/prospective shopify website owners....check her out if you are wanting to get a shopify site (and are half as clueless as I was/am).  I would not hesitate whatsoever to sign up through her site for a shopify plan as I believe you will not be left high and dry.  She is there, the support and a budding community is there as well!


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