Metal wall pocket vases & flowers

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 metal wall pocket flower vases
Metal wall pocket flower vases made from survey tripods


survey tripod parts

Sometimes it all comes together in a way that is unimaginable.  For me, that is perhaps the most interesting thing about working with materials that no longer serve their original purpose.  Take the surveyor tripods for example.  A few years ago a local survey company was closing and the owner asked me if I wanted anything as he was retiring and most of his tools were pretty well used up and not worth anything to him.  My eyes lit up when I saw the tripods so I grabbed them and thought wow I can resell these and dismantle some to make coat racks (brilliant idea #1).  Well that did NOT turn out as fruitful as I had imaged lol.  In fact those tripods started to irritate me because it took a lot of time and effort making coat racks and only a few sold.  Go figure.  Everyone makes lights out of them and I thought I was the brilliant one by dismantling them and making something a little more unique and original.  Guess my marketing skills suck more than I think?  Can't be the coat racks can it?  Who knows.  I have 2 left and will be joyful as all git out when they are gone. 

So in my increasing frustration and mounting anger I decided to take them further apart.  It felt wrong and I doubted whether I should do it but I took a few legs apart and made little pencil/card holders out of the brackets. (brilliant idea #2!) That was as far as my brain got.  They sold instantly but I had so much more material left from the leg I got overwhelmed since I still had no clue what to do with it and put them back to ferment further. In case your are wondering I'm gonna make more soon!

dismantled tripod pencil holder

bracket from dismantled tripod leg now
an upcycled desktop storage container

Fast forward 4 or 5 months and I do yet another studio organize. I kept bumping up against the wasted space these things were taking up and got angry yet again so went for it and took them completely apart down to the last nut and bolt.  It took several days and that includes asking 3 guys to help since a handful of the legs were utterly impossible for me to dismantle.  I have to laugh as I still have 1 remaining piece that no one can get apart.  I don't even know if I've tossed it or not at this point but by god I have more room to store other things AND in the meantime I came up with a cool way to use the 'foot' of the tripod leg and that is the 'wall pocket sconce' (brilliant idea #3 panning out good so far).  I would almost bet my life that no one on the entire planet has EVER done this.  NO ONE i tell you!!!!!  And the beauty of it is: they are small, lightweight and don't cost  $30 + in shipping (those coat racks are not cheap to ship). 

And its fun!  And they are cool!  And they are limited so I wont get bored!  That's as good as it gets!

I have just listed another pocket vase/ flowers too, so get it while it lasts!  Shipping is included as always and dont forget you get 10% discount when using coupon code '10%OFF' with your purchase of 2 or more items.

I only have a dozen or so dismantled tripod feet left to make my metal wall pocket vases.  If you'd liked to reserve one (with 2 flowers included) send me your name/email and you will have first dibs!  Most are orange and I have 1 black and maybe 2 or 3 few silver colored ones.



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