ecommerce pop ups

i hate ecommerce pop ups

last year when i started building this website i jumped (just a little bit) onto the popup bandwagon by having an entry newsletter/shop updates popup and over time i got annoyed AT it whenever i went to adore my site since no one else was lol. 

i soon hated that thing so i went into the app setting and set it to be a timed occurrence to keep it from popping up immediately.  the choices for how a pop up acts is as varied as the types of popups you can have and i'm shocked that people ever return to a website that over uses them.  i find them pesky to say the least.  naggy, intrusive...a form of an internet fly or mosquito if you will, that just wont leave you the fuck alone.  the sense of desperation these pop ups elicit in me causes me to leave immediately.  IMMEDIATELY  EVEN IF I WANTED TO READ THE POST OR SEE SOMETHING. close that window, escape, backspace...ANYTHING to get out of there.  i find them egregious.  dear god dear universe dear internet dear me dear my how am i....ever...gonna make it here.....

you go to a website looking for valuable information about something or to maybe buy something and before you even know what you are looking at you are bombarded by pops up for:

Promoting ongoing offers and sales
Offering an additional discount
Redirecting to a special page
Avoiding cart abandonment
Encouraging social shares
Encouraging social likes
Boosting email subscriptions
Get ratings and reviews on products
Upsell products as per interest
Cross sell products as per interest

anyone else would think gee i need that! yessiree Bob! thats what'll get me more sales by golly hell yeah that'll build my customer base!  let me pop THAT up in your face.  dont want that?  how bout THIS pop up.  or THAT pop up.  PIP POP POP POPPIDY POO whats a new website to do.  ugh.

so...i thought that too until i realized how turned off i am by such nonsense.  look...its hard enough for me to justify anyone buying something that isnt a necessity.  no one needs what i do.  i still don't think anyone NEEDS art.  say what you will...most of us dont even need the things we think we need.  all of this just brings up my existential Nihilism

so i POPPED my popups with the darts that shot out of my eyeballs every time i saw them and figure you'll figure it out.  wanna sign up for a newsletter that i still can't be bothered with?  i mean....do you REALLY want to know something?  what can i say about what i'm doing....i find junk i turn on the monkey brain and i make something (hopefully) useful with it.  you like it?  you want it?  do you really need to know anything else?  i dont know.  social media has exhausted me and left me MORE uninterested in people than ever before.  thats me.  slightly cynical and sarcastic. honestly its quite rare anyone REALLY wants to know anything about me and those people ask and no pop up is gonna elicit interest from someone unless they are truly interested. it seems like a lot of people want to be entertained by drama or perhaps spurred on somehow either out of envy/greed or who knows what or maybe i'm just projecting my own experiences onto others. i can't tell you how often it is that people just talk at me and after they have deposited their verbal blob they exit.  they don't know or care what i do what i've made....it just doesn't occur to them to even feign reciprocity in listening  so maybe i'm using my real life experiences as a road map for the course people take online too. who knows.  all i know is when i'm bombarded by pop ups it just feels like someone is yelling at me without giving me a chance to voice what i am interested in even though i came to their site to see something, let me see it before plastering my screen, blotting my vision with your desperate fears that i might flee before buying something yeah?

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