one of the coolest pencil holders EVER

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Just listed one of the coolest industrial pen & pencil holders EVER!  This baby weighs 5 pounds and has a 'raised' bottom inside.  It's 6" tall but with the raised bottom its just 4" deep so it wont bury your sharpees and pens.  The vintage caster wheel actually moves/rotates/rolls lol.  Heavy enough to be not only a utensil holder but even a book end! 
One of the biggest joys of that ole scrap yard was finding things that by default inspired and taught me what is possible for my functional 'art' by dint of the bits and pieces of 'things' that I found there.  The jumbled mess of STUFF that made no sense to me in the world was the perfect fodder for an artist who cares not what it WAS, rather what it would or could BE.  not sure how I will find my inspiration now that it is closed but at least I have a stockpile of metal to work with....enough to keep me busy thats for sure!




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