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There is an unforgettable sound that Adam Sandler makes during a chase scene...it lasts just over a minute and I have never forgotten it some 11 years later.  I even refer to those sounds occasionally when discussing a frantic pitiful state either in myself or someone else. I'm not normally one to recall a movie scene let alone a SOUND but lately I find myself thinking about this specific scene so I was prompted to find the movie on netflix just so I could hear his frantic hysterical noises over and over again.  I find myself mimicking similar sounds in my head as I am now on month EIGHT of working on my website.  Month 8 of banging my head against an imaginary wall.  MONTH EIGHT OF NO ORGANIC VIEWS.  NOTHING.  Month 8 of not a single organic sale.  Thank God for existing customers here and on Etsy but it isn't nearly enough to keep my head above water if things don't start to change.

I recall reading that it can easily take a YEAR to start getting traffic and sales on an ecommerce site. Yay me...I'm almost there (insert hysterical adam sandler sounds). So far I have continued to reach out..hours and hours on the phone with the shopify gurus; hours and hours searching online forums and googling away in a technological banshee fashion.  I've gotten pointers, advice, and help from complete strangers.  Somehow I keep plugging away nearly every day behind the scenes be it tweaking rewriting...adding 'headers' to my description pages, beefing the pages up, adding content etc etc etc.

Weeks (months actually) have been spent trying to accomplish baffling things.  Slowly but surely it gets done.  I wish I could see just ONE positive result or get an organic view/sale/inquiry.  Patience grasshopper.  Thou knows not WTF else to do so keep your eye on the dangling & slowly rotting carrot. 

Who has time or energy to make art?  All of this is bringing up my nearly lifelong existential crisis mentality, a mentality that oftentimes feels like a brutal one consisting of pointless struggle.  Rarely is there a thriving feeling.  Rarely is there an end in site or a time free from frustration or worry.  I know its up to me to keep working on my SELF despite what is going on externally. I have to say the last couple of years have been a shocker both physically and that of online selling. (wont even go there with the body). As for online, the last 20+ months Etsy continues to fool with our shops in ways that have almost permanently stopped sales and traffic in all 3 of my shops.  Their testing never ends and on a day to day basis one never knows what the customer actually sees when they view the shop...I see different tests all the time and have no clue whats going on.  My views/traffic and sales in all 3 shops used to be in the 3 digits and now its single digits.

I wonder if I've just missed something that is obvious to everyone but me.  Probably not. And I probably I shouldn't take this challenge personal; however, I do take my perceived ignorance personal. And I take my reactions to what my mind says to me personal.  And that dangling carrot?... isnt really appealing to me anymore so I'm gonna let it rot and follow nothing. Time to walk away from the hysterical punch drunk runner and find me some peace and quiet.

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