the end

artist life

the scrap yard closed to the public last week.  the next month or so they are only open to commercial customers ie they are bringing in the big bins they have all over the area and once everything is collected its goodbye.

no more cool things.  no more.  everything keeps getting smaller in my world.  the irony of FINALLY getting my studio space how i like it this summer, of having my own place to work the last 2.5 years instead of on my little apt porch and apartment is mind boggling.  etsy is fucked.  i have no clue.  no more tricks up my sleeve. 

rather than go down the horrible path with you that i go down inside of my head, i will say...if you see anything you like buy it now because thats it.  i may be selling pencil holders on the side of the highway one of these days.  i'd rather sell them now and have less of a load to haul in my car or on my back. 

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