It's Time!

new industrial clocks in my shop, all made from salvaged steel junk metal and found objects
It's time to get my new clocks listed!  All but one (the yellow/red one) are finished.  These are all made from salvaged 'junk' for lack of better word.  I'm especially fond of the gear desk clock with the cut off 12 gauge shotgun shells in the holes and the red/yellow clock (I have decided to paint the hands mostly yellow with black outline instead of how they are now) of all that clock SWIVELS.  how fun is that?  My happy accidents usually turn out better than my plans. 
swivel desk clock made from salvaged junk metal by paulaart
I call it a happy accident because originally my plan was to weld that top part to the stem of the clock.  The biggest challenge (for me at least) in welding anything is making sure everything is secured because when you hit the trigger and weld if you do it too long and don't even it out with a quick spot weld on both sides the first side you welded is going to pull and the other side lifts away/won't be flush.  I expect perfection even though i never get it. Prior to welding this I decided to drill a hole into the top of the cut off thick 'spiral bolt', for lack of better word, and drill a hole through the brown round metal thing and epoxy a screw through it so it would at be somewhat attached before welding.  What I found was, after the epoxy had cured  & I set up to clamp/weld it, I noticed that it swiveled/ hence the happy accident!  See, I'm no a genius by any stretch haha and this is usually how it goes for me when I"m working.
I've lost count of how many clocks I've made since about 2005, I'm thinking it's got to be close to 300.  Every now and then I will have a customer let me know their clock is still running strong and they still love it!  Sometimes they even buy another one for themselves or as a gift.  It' really satisfying to make functional objects out of such junk.  Can you guess what the red center is on the yellow clock?

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