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holds kitchen utensils
flower vase

Orange square vase, industrial flower holder. tall kitchen crock

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I made this from a long orange tube that I cut up, smoothed the rough edges, painted the inside and varnished inside/out.  This holds dry flowers or use a square vase for live flowers.  You can put styrofoam in it if you want to display metal flowers so that they stand up without leaning to the sides.  I made the bottom from salvaged aluminum that is clean and not scratchy.

If you have tall kitchen utensils you could also use this as a utensil crock.  And if you are like many of my customers you might even use it for something totally unimaginable to me!

NOTE:  not recommended for outdoor uncovered areas.  If using in kitchen keep it dry and if you clean it use a very minimally moistened towel. 


  • 8.25" tall
  • 6X6" LW



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