About Me:

I am a full-time self-taught artist currently living & working in Huntsville, Texas.  I make [mostly] functional art out of salvaged metal.  The bulk of my work consists of: junk flowers, table vases, industrial pencil holders, phone & business card holders, clocks, mirrors, coat racks, shelving and more!

my flower assembly area

The above picture shows my work station for flower assembly.  Incredibly I can never make flowers when that area is cleaned up.  I go into some sort of automatic pilot mode when I work on flowers and just grab whatever my non thinking brain wants and put mock up flower heads together!  Then I take the everything down to my studio and work on the actual assembly. 

I've been making selling my art on etsy since 2008 (I opened my flower shop on etsy in 2011).  I'm excited to have my own website whereby I can showcase everything and work in a more direct way with YOU!  *I may not yet have everything listed here so feel free to browse my etsy shops too.  You can let me know what you'd like from my shops if ordering from here or purchase there, whatever is easiest!

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